Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
For many of us, our jobs involve the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Especially now, as many return to work, employers are providing additional PPE. Depending on your profession, you may use the following forms of PPE:
i. Braces
ii. Earplugs
iii. Fall protection (harness, lanyard, etc.)
iv. Footwear
v. Gloves
vi. Hairnet
vii. Hardhat
viii. Masks
ix. Safety glasses
Additionally, some industries are required to provide additional forms of PPE. For example, contractors and farmers are to provide water to employees throughout the workday.
Whether it is water, gloves, or braces – these items provide protection against potential harm. More so that at any other time, employers are concerning themselves that their employees are protected. Many employers cannot afford to lose qualified employees to injury. The demand for good employees is high, which is evident in increased wages and the number of “Help Wanted” signs seen on every business.
To further protect employees, businesses are hiring safety personnel to assist the employer and employee during the course of business. The safety personnel are also in high demand. Additionally, employers benefit by protecting their employees in terms of insurance. This is evident in workers’ compensation premiums. Premiums decrease through employee safety. As insurance costs decrease, employers are able to provide additional opportunities to their employees.
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